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Decide on what materials you are going to carry into the exam hall. Be very familiar with these materials, so that you can find answers very quickly.


Identify the subjects with maximum marks in the exam, and prepare accordingly. Do not waste time on subjects that have too few marks but huge syllabus - this may prevent you from completing the syllabus (Our course will help you to form a strategy for this).


You need to practice mock tests along with carry in materials (Our mock tests will help you to build expertise in taking open book exams using the material you are going to carry on the exam day).


Open book exams are more difficult. Don't take it lightly. Remember that 30% people fail this exam.


Create strategies to find answers faster as you have only 1.5 minutes per question to read and find the answer.(Learn more about our proprietary HackSheets. These will reduce the required effort by leaps and bounds and make passing the exam a cakewalk).

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