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(No. 1 since 2011, with over 2000 students and 100 percent pass rate)

  • INSTANT digital access to all modules
  • Free 15-Minute Consultation on call
  • Mock tests to practice before the real Bar Exam
  • Hacksheets(TM) - Don't worry about being slow to find answers anymore
  • Money Back Guarantee if you use the course and fail

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INR 6000

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The BarHacker Mock Test Series for AIBE

With Past Years’ Papers (including Solutions) and Mocks

  • Carry in Materials Guide
  • Past Years’ Question Papers from December 2013 (new format of exam)
  • Thirteen (13) Mock tests to practice before the real Bar Exam
  • BarHacker Report - Types of Questions in the New All India Bar Exam

Standard Price

INR 3000

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INR 2000

More than 2,000 people have already used this fully online course since the first bar exam in 2010. We have an unparalleled 100% pass rate. People who failed the exam multiple times have taken this course and passed. Side effect: this is also a great way to brush up on your fundamentals of law in a way that you will never forget.

The BarHacker program is designed to help you ace the bar exam with advanced strategy and preparation techniques that can enable you to prepare effectively, even if you started last minute.

The 5 most important FREE tips

  • Decide on what materials you are going to carry into the exam hall. Be very familiar with these materials, so that you can find answers very quickly.

  • Identify the subjects with maximum marks in the exam, and prepare accordingly. Do not waste time on subjects that have too few marks but huge syllabus - this may prevent you from completing the syllabus (Our course will help you to form a strategy for this).

  • You need to practice mock tests along with carry in materials (Our mock tests will help you to build expertise in taking open book exams using the material you are going to carry on the exam day).

  • Open book exams are more difficult. Don't take it lightly. Remember that 30% people fail this exam.

  • Create strategies to find answers faster as you have only 1.5 minutes per question to read and find the answer.(Learn more about our proprietary HackSheets. These will reduce the required effort by leaps and bounds and make passing the exam a cakewalk).

    Pranav Khatavkar, Advocate, Mumbai
    (He took the 9th All India Bar Exam)

    The challenge in an examination like AIBE (All India Bar Examination) is having access to all the required information in the right amount of time. It is impossible to know the entire law, and even if you can carry all books with you, it still wouldn’t serve any purpose because it is a time bound examination. The trick is to be able to access the right information as quickly as possible given the limited amount of time. I remember BarHacker providing a list of specific books to be carried and I only carried those books which really helped.

    The course has a systematic approach. It has been structured in accordance with the weightage given to each subject in the AIBE (All India Bar Examination). The tips on how to attempt the exam are useful and practical. I still remember one of the tips which mentioned that you should not focus on all the subjects as you will end up wasting time doing so. You should only focus on the important subjects because the criteria in the Bar exam is not to score higher marks but to achieve a minimum score to clear the exam. The course offered a result-oriented approach which I really liked. I religiously followed everything that the course taught. Since I knew that the team behind BarHacker is experienced, I simply followed what the course offered.

    The course offers video tutorials on various subjects and mock tests. I attempted all the mock tests which helped me speed read and refresh my skills to attempt Multiple Choice Questions which I had lost over the years during my law degree course. The questions in the mock tests were of a good quality. I was able to clear all the mock tests.

    I believe if you follow what the course teaches, you will certainly pass the Bar exam. Although people think that the Bar exam is easy because it is an open book exam.

    I just have one thing to say to all AIBE (All India Bar Examination) aspirants- if you have already invested so much time and money in getting a law degree, then why not put in a little more and ensure that your investment of time and money in law school fructifies for the good?

Message from the course creator

Abhyuday Agarwal


My name is Abhyuday, and I co-founded BarHacker in early 2011, for the first All India Bar Examination, and we have been continuously innovating to enable preparation for the All India Bar Exam systematic and super easy. Since 2012, the question paper format and syllabus changed, and the Bar Council of India stopped providing study materials. BarHacker has evolved since then and become far more comprehensive in its coverage and tools.

iPleaders, our legal education company has grown to do many amazing projects where we have set industry standards, and BarHacker remains close to our heart as one of our first offerings.

We are confident that you will pass the Bar Exam with our help, and hence we offer a money back guarantee. Call us for more details: 011-33138901

If you trust BarHacker - it is our responsibility to make you shine!

  • Taking the BarHacker course makes achievement of a high score a certainty. Shouvik Kumar Guha, ex-NUJS, Scored 93

  • The mock tests were excellent, you predicted almost all the questions that could have come in the exam. Manisha Chaudhary, ex-Cornell Law School, Scored 83

  • Scored 80 in the final AIBE. much the same as in the mock tests I tried. (1st 77, 2nd 79, 3rd 81). Great tests, perfect course, good material. Thank you. Makarand Panchakshari, ex-GLC Bombay, Scored 80

  • Simple language, to-the-point, saved a lot of time. I had time to solve only one mock paper (the difficult one) and it really helped me. Kohinoor Bhattacharya, Advocate, Supreme Court of India

  • It was a life saver. I failed by chance as things went out of hand last moment once and then I was very scared next time. Then a friend told me about BarHacker. I wish I tried it the first time itself - would have saved me a lot of time and trouble. Anonymous (name removed on request)

Expert speak

The BarHacker team has done an excellent job in putting together the content, techniques and method that will no doubt enable many to crack the bar exam. It is an excellent course I highly recommend.

- Vishwas Devaiah
Faculty, Jindal Global Law School,
earlier taught at NUJS, Kolkata, University of Liverpool and had been Overseas Research Consultant at World Health Organization

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